We believe that designs and products should incorporate simplicity, clarity, and timelessness. 


We align strategic business objectives with creative solutions, to reach your goals and add great value to your brand or project.

Koppel is a multidisciplinary design studio, led by two voices with one vision. We are located in the most southern region of the Netherlands but are not limited to location. We work with brands and start-ups, helping them reach their business goals through smart and thoughtful design services. We believe that designs and products should incorporate simplicity, clarity, and timelessness. 

When we started blending our creative backgrounds we evidently thought of the name 'Koppel'. It's the Dutch word for 'couple' and also means 'connect'. Our individual backgrounds bring together over 20 years of industry experience, working with branding, graphic design and strategy, sign making and printing, retail design and futurizing. With the combination of our individual qualities we are constantly pushing each other's ideas and performances forward, and as a result, our designs are taken to a higher level than if we were working separately.


Monika Turczyn

After graduating as Graphic Designer on the Lincoln School of Arts in England, she had the urge for specializing in strategy and concept develepment. Back in the Netherlands, she finished her Master in Fashion & Strategy, with as specialization 'Futurising'. Beside her specialization, Monika improved her levels of communication and organization skills. These experiences could later be applied during her work as art director, concept developer, e-commerce manager, and photographer, for various companies in the field of fashion and communication. 

Monika is very focused and determined in the things she does. Always eager to learn new things, willing to take a risk and the fascination for developments in both print and digital media. Within Koppel, she combines all her strategy knowledge with her creative capacity.

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Jack Zelissen

With a background in technical graphics and printed matter, and as the owner of a previous company, Jack expanded his experiences in graphic design and entrepreneurship. Providing services as branding, web design, sign making, and the numerous collaborations over the years helped develop skills in creating effective corporate identities and business strategies. In addition, Jack developed competence for high quality and minimalistic graphic design, what is now an essential part of both Koppel's services and vision.

Koppel is a company where these important values come to their full advantage. Add pure passion, but also the seamless connection with Monika's competencies, and it results in the multidisciplinary design studio that Koppel is today.